Thursday, March 28, 2013

Resurrection Day is EVERY DAY..Easter is a Pagan Fraud

So let me get this straight.....this year we think Jesus arose from the grave on March 31st a different day from last year and next year will be different again. Fact is the day was set to appease Pagans and the rites of spring (amongst other spring fertility rites as well)...then we do the Pagan thing of sunrise worship but call it something else but yet do it on the day the church came up with to appease the Pagans....and we wonder why we can't get more people to come to church. The resurrection should be celebrated everyday....I am a Christian and I do not do Easter.........

Thursday, March 14, 2013

An Anchor in the Sea of Change

I attend a conservative non denominational church in Coxsackie, New York. This church is firm in it's Bible fundamentals and accurately preaches The Word without swaying from the original solid rock foundation of God's word in both new and old testaments. The "membership" is somewhere around 200 with 100+ attending Sunday services. I italicized membership because as in true Christianity there is no requirements for membership other than just being there worshiping God. 

So what then can be wrong with such a true to faith true the teaching body of Christians?  The issue here is one of compromise in the name of ecumenicism. While the church itself is doctrinally sound in an effort to espouse Christian unity churches like mine have begun to fellowship in an official capacity with mainline denominational churches that long ago began slipping in their standards and evolved into churches of the world. 

Some of these churches ordain women into official pastoral capacities, some have given in to the homosexual squeaky wheel and not only ordaining gay clergy but performing same sex marriage. Some of these denominational churches in our town are still conservative enough and stand firm against the practice of same sex marriage but still fly the Episcopal and ELCA flags and logos on their doors.

Several of the local congregations while not performing same sex marriage have "formulas of agreement" with ones who do and agreed to share clergy amongst themselves. Some of them ordain women.

The leadership of churches like mine will not let women in the pulpit, will not marry gays and will not pray to God through Mary.....................................

Why then do solid, scripturally correct churches join hands in fellowship with apostate churches when Paul says with people like that "DO NOT EVEN EAT"?

I don't know.............

But I will CRY OUT LOUD and stand ground for the faith!