Monday, September 9, 2013

Chew it Well and Spit Out The Bones Is Not a Safe Way To Learn God's Word

God's word is like meat and meant to fill.
the soul. Leave the bones of
the demons to the dogs
Suppose your pastor commented on a sermon, broadcast or other program that contained some controversial doctrine like this: "Ya gotta chew it up well and anything that does not agree is like spitting out the bones from a piece of meat. You gotta get to the meat and throw the bones to the dog"

At first such reasoning sounds good. Many lessons in life can be worked out this way by finding out what works best for you. Some of these situations may include the best way to drive to Florida, the interstate which is fast, or the more scenic back roads. Both have their benefits and drawbacks. You weigh the good and spit out the bad.

However even the thought of putting bones in your mouth when it comes to God's word should make you shudder. 

Would you even think of listening to an apostate speaker like a Mormon, Jehova's Witness or some New Age sorcerer in the first place?

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