Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Speak It? What Happened to PRAY IT?

If you think you can speak your wishes into being
instead praying for God's will then you are
simply The Sorcerer's Apprentice
A common twist in modern Christianity involves your personal experience being shared on Sundays. Some call this Christianity Lite. More about you less about God. Yes we are all to have a personal experience with God during the week but Sunday is not meant to be the place to share your personal experience of the past seven days. Sundays, or the weekly go to meeting day, are to be focused on God not on you. The "this is what God did for me this week" reports take the focus away from God and direct it toward the individual who has the best experience to report. Week after week it is usually the same individuals "sharing" what happened to them last week. 

The danger of the same individuals "sharing", a term I hate by the way, week after week is they become the focus not God. Secondly and perhaps is an even broader effect on those who have nothing to share. Those with little or nothing to share or even those who have a good experience can be overshadowed by the individual(s) who always seem to have a good week.

Then there is the issue of those who always have a bad week and report to the church their Job like existence. Both the WOE is me and WOW is me syndrome can  be just a attention seeking behavior. A moment to claim the spotlight in front of a crowd. If you cannot out do the WOW is me individual, who every week seems to rank right up there with Elisha, then do the end around and prey on the sympathetic nerves to garner attention.

Now let's move on to the one's who champion their spiritual warfare with the "you gotta speak it, you have to claim it." The speak it crowd comes from the angle of, in a nut shell, your existence and experience in the Christian life is solely based on your words. They go so far as to say that your words are power. If you speak it you become it. And the really out there fringes of the speak it crowd say your words can actually make others turn into what you are saying. Again, yes to a point. Words can hurt and words can lift up. At the end of the day though it is up to the one hearing those words and how God works in their how they react not the speaker.

To think your words alone are power is sorcery.

What happened to the command to pray not say?

Even then, when you pray, it is to be asked for in God's will not yours.

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